Survey Resources

One of the surest ways to sell products online is to discover what people need and then supply them with a product that meets their needs.

The best way is with a survey. People love to fill in surveys, express their opinion and make their voices heard. This is one reason social media is so popular.

The tools listed below will help you survey your list, no matter how large or small your list is, and help you uncover what the people on your list need and want.

123ContactForm: This is a free HTML contact form generator that’s extremely simple to use. Just copy and paste! You can easily create online forums, HTML forms, contact and email forms, surveys, or any other type of web form in three easy steps. You also can create single or multipage surveys, whatever fits your needs better. Choose from standard or advanced forms, receive files, secure order, use third party integration, and more!


Instant Form Pro: This self-hosted script enables users to create unlimited online survey forms instantly. Create simple questionnaires, complex surveys, contact forms, testimonial generators and much, much more, for the sole purpose of gaining as much information as you can about your customers. The more information you have, the better your understanding of what these people need and want will be.

Instant Form Pro

Survey Monkey: With this online survey software and questionnaire tool, you can easily design (building your own surveys or choose from templates), collect (determining how and when to distribute and collect responses), and analyze the data you find. The basic service is free, and it includes 10 questions and 100 responses per survey. And you can collect data via web-link, email, and Facebook, or embed it onto your site or blog.