Publishing Resources

When it comes to doing business online, you simply have to get the word out.

Whether that’s by advertising, creating a great follow up system, using news releases, or using alternative website platforms, making sure people are aware of your business and content is extremely important.

I hope these resources help you when it comes to finding ways to publish your articles and other content. Having a blog is a great first step, but these tools can help you go one step further.

Amazon Kindle: When it comes to ebook publishing platforms, no one does it better than Kindle by Amazon. The beauty of Kindle is this: not only does it get your work out there, it gets YOU out there… into the online world. Publishing an ebook through Kindle gives you credibility as an authority in your field. It is also a powerful list building and customer acquisition tool. And when your ebook is sold you get a commission based on your price point.

Amazon Kindle

Apple iTunes: Apple’s iTunes, plus their App Store and iBooks, can be integrated right into your marketing strategy.  They have an affiliate program, and are a great way to advertise through iAds, by producing podcasts, and creating and publishing iBooks. There are a lot of different options available with Apple, iTunes being the biggest.  And of course anyone can use them, not just Mac users.

Apple iTunes

Camtasia: This screen recording and video editing software can be used on Mac or Windows. It’s powerful, yet easy-to-use, and helps you create professional videos without needing the technical know-how of a video pro. You can easily record your on-screen activity, import HD  video, customize and edit your content, and share your videos with viewers on almost any device. You have the power of true customization.


CSAM: Content marketing is the backbone of the Internet. The reason Google is the #1 site is simple - people crave information to help them solve problems. With billions of searches a day, if you become the source of that information you will see traffic like never before. And make sales like never before. But it all starts with this - you must learn to write articles quickly and easily and banish forever the idea that you are not a "writer". Let me teach you how it's done!

Common Sense Article Marketing

Follow Up Selling Systems: I created FUSS around 2008 to teach people what I know about selling with email marketing. It's a comprehensive course that teaches how to choose a profitable niche, build a squeeze page, create a follow up system, get traffic and make sales. Relationship marketing is at the core of FUSS, the entire process is about earning the trust of your list, building a relationship, and earning loyal customers.

Follow Up Selling Systems

Keynote: It’s easy to create and share presentations, with Keynote for Mac. It’s also compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.With their easy-to-use visual tools, creating dazzling presentations is a breeze. You can easily drop in photos or videos, add reflections and picture frames, make your data pop by using interactive charts, and more. Once you are finished you can preview it live, right there on your canvas.


LeadPages: LeadPages's claim to fame is ease of use. It’s 100% “newbie” friendly, requiring no technical skill to use their software. To create a lead page (or any other page) simply login to LeadPages and choose a template. Then add your content through an easy drag-and-drop interface and publish your page. You can publish your page using the provided URL, or install the LeadPages plugin to your blog and upload your page there. Super simple!

LeadPages Michael Hyatt is a best-selling author and powerful voice in the world of platforms and publishing. His personal blog focuses on “intentional leadership,” and Michael writes about a variety of topics relating to the world around us. Whether he’s writing about business, personal development, online publishing, or just day-to-day life, Michael’s focus is on being the best version of yourself either at work or at home.

Platform: In his book, Hyatt shares his strategy for creating the ultimate Platform — your audience and social media presence online. It's made up of your contacts, customers, prospects, followers, and fans; the people who share your passion and what to hear from you. Hyatt outlines the steps to success, from creating a compelling product to courting a powerful following.  He takes the confusion out of the new social media marketplace.


PowerPoint: This presentation software can be used on both Mac and PC, as well on tablets and smartphones. Stay organized with new behind-the-scenes tools — so you can keep your presentation focused and your audience tuned in. Working together is simplified, because sharing is even easier than ever. With everything in one place, you can comment and reply to any changes making communication a top priority, a must in any business.


PR Newswire: Becoming a member of PR Newswire allows you to gain access to print and broadcasting journals, journalists, bloggers, financial portals, social media networks, and content syndication channels in order to reach your largest targeted audience. They distribute to more than 200,000 media points and 8,000 websites. You can use their services to distribute, amplify, and track and manage your news releases.

PR Newswire

PR Web: This news release distribution service allows you to create, distribute, and track announcements about your organization. Promote a product launch for your business, a new promotion, or anything else. Your news can be distributed amongst major search engines, news websites, media digests, and Associated Press. It’s free to set up an account, and there are 5 packages to choose from, based on your needs and budget.

PR Web

ScreenFlow: Use this screen recording and video editing software to create high-quality software demos, video tutorials, video training, presentations, and much more! It’s extremely easy to record your screen, edit your video, and share it with the world. This Mac OS software has a library of tutorials and demos to answer any questions that might pop up along the way! This is the software I use to make all of my videos, and I highly recommend it.


Vimeo: Use this video-sharing website to upload, share, and view videos. There are a few different package options, ranging in cost from free to $199 a year, depending on your needs. With the paid packages, you get hosting and there are never any ads placed before or after your videos-- something that sets them apart from YouTube. You can also use Vimeo to format and embed your videos for your personal website.


YouTube: Publishing on YouTube just might be the best way to ensure your videos are seen by the widest audience possible. Uploading videos is extremely easy, simply login and follow the step-by-step instructions. You can even record a video within their Webcam Capture window, create a photo slideshow, edit your video, or broadcast Google+ Hangouts on Air. It’s free to use, you only need to sign up for an account.