Plugin Resources

By using plugins on your WordPress blog, you are able to customize it to match exactly what you are looking for.

From anti-spam plugins to broken link checkers, to making your content as SEO friendly as possible, these plugins will help make your online business, and life, just a little bit easier.

Akismet: This is a great anti-spam plugin. It’s the one I use to help combat comment spam. If you have a blog that allows comments, you are likely no stranger to comment spam. It catches before it lands on your published site. It’s simple to install, and you just set it and forget it. It’s free for personal use, and very reasonably priced for commercial, business, and professional sites, and works on many sites like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.


BackWPup: This free-to-use back up plugin is easy to install on your WordPress blog and will backup your entire WP installation automatically, freeing up your time and easing your worry. You can back it up to your server, back it up to a cloud storage archive like DropBox that syncs automatically to your computer. With a single backup .zip file you’re able to easily restore an installation.


Broken Link Checker: This is the plugin that I use to find links that are broken on my blog. It finds them and then gives you the opportunity to replace or repair them. Google really dislikes broken links, they have an impact on your SEO, so it’s best to know they're broken as soon as possible so you can fix them. This is very important for comments left on your site over time, as the links will change and break. Now you don't have to worry.

Broken Link Checker

Conditional CAPTCHA: People who aren’t registered to leave comments on your site are able to leave them by filling in a little code, to prove that they are human and not a spammer machine. A CAPTCHA appears after a comment has been submitted and if it passes their comment be allowed into the spam queue, awaiting your approval. This is a great time saver because you will only have to approve comments from real people and not machines.

Conditional CAPTCHA

Google Sitemap: This plugin allows you add a Sitemap file to Google Webaster tools, enabling you to get information about your site there. A site map is a visual structure of your blog that makes it easier for Google to index your site. This helps your rankings in the search engines, and combine with proper SEO techniques can help to boost your Search Engine Optimization.

Google Sitemap

WP-Polls: Polls and surveys are a great way to discover what is going on inside your customers/readers minds. Placing a poll on your blog is a simple way to ask specific questions that can help you alter the information article, products, and services you offer your customers. WP- Polls is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to set up a poll on your WP blog quickly and easily. It is extremely customizable with several options to choose from.


Yoast: WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most complete SEO plugin that exists right now for WP users. It’s super simple to use— everything is in one place. Inside your WordPress Dash you can optimize, analyze, and customize your article’s search engine optimization, giving it the best chance to be found by search engines. What this plugin does is give you a concentrated look at what the search engines will see, in regards to your article’s focus.