Outsourcing & Product Creation Resources

Sometimes, when it seems like there is too much to do on our own, we need to turn to outside help. Enter: the service marketplace.

There are many different well-known marketplaces to choose from, that specialize in different types of services.

Take a look at the resources below. They are a few of the outsourcing and service marketplaces available to you online.

Elance: This is a great site to turn to when you need a short-term project done. You can see how much experience a person has right in their profile, as well as how much money they’ve earned with Elance. Finding writers is easy, and this is a super cheap and quick way to get high quality, original content (be sure to specify that it must be unique). In addition to writers, you can also find programmers and people who can provide technical work, like FTP.


Fiverr® : You can buy and sell services easily, starting at $5, on the world’s largest marketplace for services. Whether you need help with Graphics & Design, Online Marketing, Music & Audio, Advertising, Programming & Tech, or just about anything else, Fiverr has got you covered. If you have a service you want to offer, Fiverr is a great place to be. Buyers pay Fiverr directly for orders, in advance. Sellers will be accredited once the sale is complete.


Freelancer: This is the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing, and crowd-sourcing marketplace for small businesses and entrepreneurs online. You can hire freelancers to do work for you, or find freelance jobs for yourself. Find PHP developers, web designers, content writers, and more in just minutes. Outsourcing projects and finding freelance work is super easy. With close to a million employers and freelancers you're sure to find the right match!


Guru.com: Search Guru’s database of over 1.5 million gurus to find a freelancer who specializes in just what you are looking for, manage your projects in the Work Room to keep track of everything in one place, and only pay for work that you approve. It’s that easy! If you’re a freelancer, you simply create a profile and define the services you want to offer. Post a job for free; just list the job title, description, skills needed, category, and budget.


JonasBlog: John specializes in helping small business owners outsource a lot of their work, allowing them to make more money with less effort. He wrote an ebook called, “How I Replace Myself by Outsourcing to the Philippines,” and patterns his approach after “The 4-Hour Work Week,” but feels that 17 hours is a little more realistic. His site reveals the tools he uses to accomplish this, including blogging for sales, using AdWords, and more!


oDesk: Considered by many to be the most reliable place to find virtual assistants for task-specific projects, oDesk is great for finding help on short-term projects. They try to make sure that the people offering services are credible and reliable, taking the worry away from you. You pay for services through the website, so you are sure to get exactly what you want before you have to pay.