Market Research Resources

The resources in this section are designed to assist you in getting all of the information you could need about your, or your competitor’s, business.

Whether you are looking for customer demographics, want to stay up to date on the next big trend, are planning a keyword marketing campaign, or simply want to know what everyone’s talking about, these tools and resources are here for you.

Take a look at the tools and resources below to assist you with any of your market research needs. Leave a comment or question below!

Alexa: This online data analysis program provides commercial web traffic data allowing you to see trends in your site’s traffic history, compare demographics, measure social metrics, engagement, organic and paid keyword insights and more! The powerful analytics tools gather traffic estimates based on data from Alexa’s global traffic panel as well as sites that have installed the Alexa script. Plus, you can try Alexa for free today!


Compete: This web traffic analysis service offers digital intelligence - interpreted by experts in many fields - with the goal to help businesses monitor competition, measure performance, and discover new opportunities, based on the online behavior of millions of consumers. Compete collects consumer data, inserts it into your panel, and uses their own algorithms to give you a true look at your customer data.You can start a free trial today!


Google Alerts: This tool allows you to track any web appearances of the topic or trend that interests you. Signing up for Alerts means you'll receive an email when new results come online - including web pages, news articles, blogs, etc. You can track what is being said about your company, brand, or product, keep up-to-date with your competitors, monitor developing news stories, and more. You can get a summary of common or active queries daily.

Google Alerts

The Keyword Planner Tool: A free service from Google AdWords to help you build campaigns by finding keyword ideas and estimating their performance. It's especially powerful for choosing a niche. You can search for new or related keywords, discover monthly search volume, estimate AdWord cost, find traffic estimates for a particular keyword or phrase, learn the estimated number of clicks, get help deciding on a budget for your AdWords and more.

Google Keyword Tool

Twitter Search: A great market research resource that few people ever think of, this allows you to see what’s going on minute-by-minute and see what kinds of things are trending within your specific area of expertise or niche. Your results include a combination of everything from people, relevant tweets, trending hashtags and more. These can be limited to one type of result or you can search only within your own followers or people you follow.

Twitter Search