Joint Venture Resources

If you are interested in working with another individual or company, consider joining a Joint Venture. It’s a great way to bring your talents and skills to the table, and find others who complement you!

The following tools and resources can help you do just that.

JV Zoo: This is a link cloaking and tracking software for affiliates and marketers. It helps you track your ad campaigns and affiliate links in real time, allowing you to see what works and what doesn't. Learn how to cloak your links, so other affiliate marketers don’t steal your commissions, track advertising for your product or lead capture pages, track multiple sales conversions and sales amounts, and do split testing on your landing pages.

JV Zoo

jvAlert: This is an invitation-only joint venture alert system. Members have over 30 million subscribers, a HUGE market for launching products and services. By pooling your resources with top-level marketers in joint ventures, you could be among the first to announce a new product, join a brand new affiliate program, and have your product exposed to tons of newsletters and lists. You can request an invitation by submitting a box on site.


Safe Swaps: This open, web-based platform helps you build your list by automating ad swaps and selling or buying mailings. Use their email ad swaps to easily gain traffic from SS partners, buy solo mailings from top sellers, and get instant traffic, opt-ins, and sales. The interactive members area makes buying & selling solo mailings a breeze. They offer 15 levels of protection to make sure that you don’t get scammed, with a 100% guarantee.

Safe Swaps