Content & Curation Resources

Sometimes it's hard to get the word out about new products or services you are offering, especially if you don't have a large list to sell to. It can be equally hard to get new readers for your articles or blog posts.

The following advertising resources can help you find sites that accept guest postings, places you can advertise your products, ways to build marketing relationships and much more.

Copyblogger: A software and training organization with more than 115,000 customers, accomplished by providing useful and relevant content, smart copywriting, and proven products and services. There’s no advertising, no outbid sales team, just really great content. They offer free ebooks and courses, as well as seminars, webinars, and a community forum, although you can upgrade to a full Authority membership for a fee.


Common Sense Academy: Knowing what you should do and being able to do it yourself are two different things. To get the job done you need a specific type of help. "Over the shoulder" videos that show you how. Checklists to make it easy and help you avoid wasting time. Our focus is simple. We zero in on those things that actually grow your business. Then we provide teaching that shows you how to APPLY what you learn the same day. All this and more is inside CSA.

Common Sense Academy

CSAM: Content marketing is the backbone of the Internet. The reason Google is the #1 site is simple - people crave information to help them solve problems. With billions of searches a day, if you become the source of that information you will see traffic like never before. And make sales like never before. But it all starts with this - you must learn to write articles quickly and easily and banish forever the idea that you are not a "writer". Let me teach you how it's done!

Common Sense Article Marketing

Curation Power: Curating articles from other people is the quickest and easiest way on the planet to populate a blog with fresh, relevant, search engine friendly content. It's just like being a curator in a museum. You choose the best of the best content and display it on your blog. Simple, and highly effective. That is why many of the top sites today rely heavily on curation for their content. You can too!

Curation Power

Curation Theme: A fully customizable content curation theme and plugin that makes it easy to create the perfect look for your site, with no design experience needed. It allows you to cut down your content creation time by curating content instead. They offer easy to follow training videos and tutorials, and a custom-built bookmarklet, that allows site owners to curate content from all over the web simply by pressing the button.

Curation Theme

CurationSoft: This desktop based curation software posts to your site and works on just about any platform online. It builds back links and increases your search engine rankings by creating topic-based posts which are likely to rank higher with Google. Every time you link to a blog in CurationSoft it will generate a ping back, if the blog accepts the ping back you will earn a link from that blog -- so you don’t have to ask for back links to your site.


EasyPLR: When it comes to great PL content no one I know provides better writing than Nicole Dean’s Easy PLR. We buy PL content from this site on a regular basis to provide to members like you, to populate niche content sites (feeder sites) and more. As with all PL content you will need to edit these messages to make them your own. But the beauty of using PL content for email follow up is that there is no duplicate penalty.


Melissa Ingold: Melissa Ingold’s website is a great way to find high-quality PLR products. Private Label Rights products are a great way to put content on your website that you don’t have to create yourself. You can sign up for free PLR training on her site, check out the available PLR content, and read testimonials from satisfied customers. Everything you buy has a risk-free 30 day money back guarantee, to ensure your satisfaction.

Melissa Ingold

Mostly Sane PLR: This is Nicole Dean's company, where you can buy pre-written e-courses covering current marketing topics. She has created “copy and paste” courses that include everything from the squeeze page to the Thank You page, plus recommendations for relevant affiliate products to promote and much more! Each of Nicole’s products are sold in limited quantities, guaranteeing you high quality writing that hasn’t been oversold.

MostlySane PLR

RW: Are you suffering from information overload? Most people are. I know I did. One marketer I liked said "give away tons of free content - you can't give too much!", while another (who I liked just as much) said "stop giving away your products - sell everything!" It's confusing to say the least! That is why you need a Roadmap. A plan of action tailored to YOUR needs, your budget & your time available. I'll help you make that plan of action, & stick to it, until you reach your goal!

The Roadmap Webinar

Success Timeline: The right timing will change everything! You have purchased the products and taken the courses and things are still not working. Sure, you've learned a lot and even seen some results, but you know there should be more. More traffic. More sales. More peace of mind. I submit the problem is timing! After over 3,000 one-to-one consulting phone calls, I have distilled exactly what to do and, most importantly, when to do it, into this easy to use course.

Success Timeline