Broadcasting Resources

Wondering how to get your message out there? Below are several tools and resources that will help you not only broadcast your content, but assist you when it comes to communicating with members of your team or with other businesses.

Getting your blog up and running is an extremely important step when it comes to your online business. The tools and resources in this section will help you do all that and more.

Amazon Kindle: When it comes to ebook publishing platforms, no one does it better than Kindle by Amazon. The beauty of Kindle is this: not only does it get your work out there, it gets YOU out there… into the online world. Publishing an ebook through Kindle gives you credibility as an authority in your field. It is also a powerful list building and customer acquisition tool. And when your ebook is sold you get a commission based on your price point.

Amazon Kindle

AnyMeeting: With this web conferencing tool, you have the ability to use video, audio, screen sharing, recording, and chat. Share your screen, upload and share powerpoint and PDFs, use video and integrated conference calling, record and share you meetings, interact with your attendees and more! Use it as a way to collaborate with colleagues, provide online support to your customers, and conduct sales presentations and online training.


Apple iTunes: Apple’s iTunes, plus their App Store and iBooks, can be integrated right into your marketing strategy.  They have an affiliate program, and are a great way to advertise through iAds, by producing podcasts, and creating and publishing iBooks. There are a lot of different options available with Apple, iTunes being the biggest.  And of course anyone can use them, not just Mac users.

Apple iTunes

Basecamp: This online project management tool allows teams a centralized workspace for collaborations. By using cloud-based tasks lists, discussions, documents, and calendars, teams of all sizes are able to ensure projects stay on track. Projects are kept together on a single page, so nothing is ever lost. Discussions, decisions, and feedback are centralized, so everyone is always on the same page and there’s no miscommunication.


Easy Webinar: Create a complete system of webinars inside your own WordPress blog, either live streaming or automated. Event pages can be created and customized quickly, and are sharable with social media buttons.  Registration forms can be placed on any page of your site, stream pre-recorded webinars or events with real time effects, get instant feedback live chat, create built-in question boxes, track attendees, and more.

Easy Webinar

Evergreen Business System: Members use the software to create robust webinar videos that can be used in a variety of ways. This isn’t about generating traffic, it’s about conversions. The automated webinar generator gives attendees what looks and feels like a live event.  But because it’s not live, there are no hosting duties or conference room rentals to worry about. Once you have recorded your webinar, you can run it over and over again.

Evergreen Business System

Google+:  You can list your business on Google+ free of charge, and instantly connect with potential and existing customers through your Circles. Your Google+ page not only pops up in search results, but also in maps. Everything works on computer AND mobile, so people can find your location while driving, and dial your number with a single touch while they’re using their phone. Your information is literally at their fingertips!


GoToMeeting: This is a simple yet powerful way to hold unlimited online meetings with up to 25 attendees. It’s easy to use, start a meeting and share you screen with just a click. Enable face-to-face communication through your webcam for video conferencing, share your screen, keyboard or mouse, change presenters to see others’ work, draw and highlight on the screen, and more. You can also record your sessions and share them with anyone.


GoToWebinar: This is a do-it-yourself online conferencing tool that makes it possible for anyone to host a professional online conference from their own office. Engage your audience with their full-service registration, so you can get to know your audience before they arrive. Use the free VoIP option that allows up to 6 presenters to show their webcams to up to 1,000 participants with no special equipment needed.


Instant Teleseminar: A feature-rich service that works like an online event marketing tool, allowing customers from around the world can dial in (local and toll-free number supported) or use Skype to attend your events.  Live webinars allow up to 50,000 participants. Schedule a call, attached to pre-recorded audio, and broadcast it as if it were a live event via telephone and Internet. No live host needed. They offer a risk-free 21 day free trial.

Instant Teleseminar

Podcast Crusher: Creating podcasts is a great way to build relationships with your audience and boost your sales.  With Podcast Crusher, setting up and submitting podcast “episodes” is not only an effective tool, it also doesn’t cost you anything. Podcasts help establish your credibility, increase your targeted traffic, decrease your competition, and more.  Podcast Crusher even helps you partner with iTunes for free.

Podcast Crusher

PR Web: This news release distribution service allows you to create, distribute, and track announcements about your organization. Promote a product launch for your business, a new promotion, or anything else. Your news can be distributed amongst major search engines, news websites, media digests, and Associated Press. It’s free to set up an account, and there are 5 packages to choose from, based on your needs and budget.

PR Web

Product Launch Formula: Even if your product or business isn’t new, you can still use a product launch to boost your sales. PLF helps users plug their new or existing businesses (online or off) into the formula for a quick increase in profits, by teaching marketers how to turn “old hat” into new and exciting – at least in the eyes of their audience. Build your reputation, enlarge your customer base, and see a big pickup in sales by using a product launch.

Product Launch Formula

RW: Are you suffering from information overload? Most people are. I know I did. One marketer I liked said "give away tons of free content - you can't give too much!", while another (who I liked just as much) said "stop giving away your products - sell everything!" It's confusing to say the least! That is why you need a Roadmap. A plan of action tailored to YOUR needs, your budget & your time available. I'll help you make that plan of action, & stick to it, until you reach your goal!

The Roadmap Webinar

Skype: This voice-over-IP and instant messaging service allows you to make internet calls for free and cheap online calls to phones and mobiles. There are two different services, one free and one paid — depending on your communication needs. All you need is an internet connection, a webcam, and a computer or mobile device with a microphone and speakers or headset attached.


Success Timeline: The right timing will change everything! You have purchased the products and taken the courses and things are still not working. Sure, you've learned a lot and even seen some results, but you know there should be more. More traffic. More sales. More peace of mind. I submit the problem is timing! After over 3,000 one-to-one consulting phone calls, I have distilled exactly what to do and, most importantly, when to do it, into this easy to use course.

Success Timeline

Teleseminar Secrets: Users are able to create high-quality information products, and build responsive lists from the ground up. This is an A to Z training guide on how to use teleseminars to make more money.  They can help you get more people to sign up for your calls, show up, and participate, and show you how to consistently develop the kind of teleseminars that convert those participants into customers, affiliates, and JV partners.

Teleseminar Secrets

Webinar Crusher: You don’t need an information product, JV Partners, a great speaking ability, or any big-wig connections for Webinar Crusher to help you. Your Internet connection, a few simple tools, and something to demonstrate or explain are all you need. They show users how to get great attendance, how to prep for events efficiently, and reveal a 6-step sales script that converts well, as well as how to access the power of social media.

Webinar Crusher