Blogging Resources

The best place to publish the articles you write is on your own blog!

The resources below will help with everything you need — from building your blog from scratch, to choosing the right hosting platform or theme.

In addition, you’ll also find different options for website analytics, testing and targeting options, and more. I hope these tools and resources help you with all of your blogging needs!

aMember: This membership and subscription tool allows you to deliver digital products and downloads quickly and easily. You're able set up paid membership areas on your site, manage members, integrate a payment system, and more. Customer signups are handled automatically. You choose which fields to ask, the product, and the payment systems offered to the customer. It also has a built-in affiliate program for your members.


Bravenet: This is a combination of services, ranging from applications to hosting, site building to domain buying, as well as the ability to set up an email marketing system. The website builder makes it easy to set up your own site in minutes. With unlimited web hosting you can set up as many sites as you like, and with hundreds of professional themes to choose from you are sure to build a site that is unique to you and your business.


Clicky: This web analytics tool monitors your visitors and page views in real time. You have the ability to monitor the basic interactions on your site (number of visitors, actions, average actions, total time spent, bounce rate, etc), as well as compare daily visitors, campaigns, links, uptime, engagement, searches, locale, content, & traffic sources. Filter results on individual pages, apply notification alerts for conversions & new visitors, and more.


Common Sense Academy: Knowing what you should do and being able to do it yourself are two different things. To get the job done you need a specific type of help. "Over the shoulder" videos that show you how. Checklists to make it easy and help you avoid wasting time. Our focus is simple. We zero in on those things that actually grow your business. Then we provide teaching that shows you how to APPLY what you learn the same day. All this and more is inside CSA.

Common Sense Academy

CSAM: Content marketing is the backbone of the Internet. The reason Google is the #1 site is simple - people crave information to help them solve problems. With billions of searches a day, if you become the source of that information you will see traffic like never before. And make sales like never before. But it all starts with this - you must learn to write articles quickly and easily and banish forever the idea that you are not a "writer". Let me teach you how it's done!

Common Sense Article Marketing

Common Sense Blog Blueprint: I created this site in 2013 to provide step-by-step instruction when it comes to building your ultimate blog. There are three different options to choose from that include step-by-step videos, based on where your blog-building experience is currently. You’ll also find a Resource section with information about themes, plugins, outsourcers, content providers, and more.

Common Sense Blog Blueprint

Exit Splash: This exit page software allows you to grab “wasted” web traffic and turn it into new subscribers, affiliate commissions, and sales for your own products. This web script has the ability to redirect your exit traffic to any webpage you want. It’s a simple idea, but can be very powerful. By redirecting your exiting traffic to a “splash page,” you get another chance to convert prospects into leads and buyers.

Exit Splash

Google Analytics: This web analytics and reporting tool allows you to see the full customer picture across ads, videos, websites, social media, tablets, and smartphones. You'll be able to analyze visitor traffic to see what your audience needs, where they are on their path to purchase products, and what choices lead them to make purchases. All of this is important when you're improving your campaigns and attempting to reach new audiences

Google Analytics

Kajabi: This easy-to-use online platform allows you to create membership sites in your web browser, with nothing to download or install and no hosting necessary. They handle all of the technology, which allows you to focus on your content and site creation. You add your content and choose to deliver it on whatever schedule you prefer. You can also create sales pages, squeeze pages, video and download pages, or product launch sequences.


Optimize Press: Use this service to create landing pages, sales pages, and membership portals inside WordPress.You can create just about any kind of page for your site. Create landing, sales and marketing pages, secure membership portals, use LaunchSuite to create product launch funnels, and grow your audience with the OP system. You can edit in real time and can choose from over 30 templates and 40 elements to customize your pages!

Optimize Press

PopUp Domination: This is the world’s leading Lightbox software. Your popups can’t be blocked, so potential subscribers must focus on your sign-up offer longer than they originally would have, giving you a better chance of earning that lead. Create and customize popups optimized for high opt-in and conversion rates. Target specific pages and categories to build hyper-targeted lists of potential customers.

PopUp Domination

RW: Are you suffering from information overload? Most people are. I know I did. One marketer I liked said "give away tons of free content - you can't give too much!", while another (who I liked just as much) said "stop giving away your products - sell everything!" It's confusing to say the least! That is why you need a Roadmap. A plan of action tailored to YOUR needs, your budget & your time available. I'll help you make that plan of action, & stick to it, until you reach your goal!

The Roadmap Webinar

Success Timeline: The right timing will change everything! You have purchased the products and taken the courses and things are still not working. Sure, you've learned a lot and even seen some results, but you know there should be more. More traffic. More sales. More peace of mind. I submit the problem is timing! After over 3,000 one-to-one consulting phone calls, I have distilled exactly what to do and, most importantly, when to do it, into this easy to use course.

Success Timeline

Visual Website Optimizer: This software is made for marketers with built-in heatmaps. Increase your website sales and conversion by A/B testing, multivariate testing, usability testing, behavioral targeting, & revenue tracking. See which links, images, or buttons your visitors are clicking and which ones they are ignoring, get feedback on your landing pages, and discover the perfect combination of attributes your page needs to maximize conversions.

Visual Website Optimizer

Wishlist Member: This easy-to-use system can turn any WordPress site into a full-blown membership site. All you have to do is unzip and upload the plugin, and within minutes you’ll have your very own membership site up and running. It allows you to protect your members-only content, integrate payments, manage your members and more. You can set as many different membership levels as you want, with different pricing options for each.

Wishlist Member

WordPress: One of the most popular website softwares out there. It’s easy-to-use program allows you to create a site or blog of your choosing, and tailor it specifically to your needs. You simply need a web host and a few minutes to install the software. It’s completely customizable, so it’s easy to make sure your site reflects your business perfectly. Choose from hundreds of themes and plugins, all developed to give your blog it’s own unique edge.