Autoresponder Resources

With an autoresponder you can load as many messages as you want and schedule them to send whenever you please, so that everyone who subscribes to your list will receive your messages automatically.

What this means for your life and business is incredibly powerful. It means you can do the work of adding messages once and, from that point forward, your marketing messages are automated.

After you set up your message series you can devote your attention to building your list, knowing that everyone who joins your list will receive all of your marketing messages … automatically!

Here is a list of autoresponder companies, along with a few observations on each.

1 Shopping Cart: This is one of the best known shopping carts online but many don’t know that it’s also an email provider, sending millions of emails a month on behalf of their customers. Consider using 1SC as your email provider for tight integration with your store’s look and then, placing buyers on a “buyers” list automatically, sending to segments of you list easily, creating hosted forms on the fly,  and more!

1 Shopping Cart

ARPReach: This is a script you install on your own web hosting account. ARP involves a one-time fee, and they have great features such as being able to move a subscriber from one list to another based on an event. This is handy when moving someone from a “prospect” list to a “buyers” list when they buy. You can also move a person to a second list when they’ve finished all the messages in the first list they join.


Aweber: The king of the autoresponder companies. They have a spotless reputation for quality and they get the emails delivered better than anyone online. One great feature is called Blog Broadcast -- it can be very powerful for you. It allows you to tie your Aweber account to your blog and, when you post to your blog, all of the people who subscribed for updates will be notified of your post automatically. True marketing automation!


Constant Contact: This autoresponder can help almost anyone build their business by focusing primarily on sending beautiful HTML email (including graphics, banners and more) to your list. In my view, it’s best suited to a company who is publishing a newsletter, or other “special offer” type of email campaigns that is done in standard Internet marketing. They offer a free trial and their costs are very low on the smaller end of mailing lists.

Constant Contact

GetResponse: You can literally pay GetResponse to build your list for you. This is called coregistration, and is the secret many successful marketers use to build lists fast.The unique twist with GetResponse is that they will obtain the subscribers for you (for a set fee per subscriber) and will add those subscribers to your list automatically. This creates one of the most automated situations possible for list building.


Infusionsoft: This shopping cart provider also provides email services. Its claim to fame lies in its campaign builder that allows you to tie together all the elements of your marketing, including email follow ups and broadcasts. You can visualize every step your prospective customer will take from within the campaign builder. Social media, opt in forms, and follow up sequences are put into their proper place in your marketing funnel.


MailChimp: This autoresponder has been designed to compete with both the companies who put an emphasis on beauty and the companies who cater to higher-volume mailers. They offer an easy to use drag and drop message editor that makes creating beautiful emails a snap, with no HTML coding needed. They also integrate well with many popular services and have an app designed specifically for transaction based emails.


SendFree: This free autoresponder services focuses on quality and making sure your email gets delivered. It’s an excellent alternative if you’re on a budget or just starting out. They offer both free and paid accounts, and you can upgrade at any time -- without having to move to a new provider if your needs change. SendFree also offers you the ability to advertise in other people’s email messages for a reasonable fee.


VarPro: This autoresponder service offers almost all of the features of other autoresponder companies with one important addition: you can literally start an autoresponder service using VarPro. It’s designed to be both a heavy-duty mailer for you and one where you can sell accounts to others. This offers an opportunity for both smooth list building and residual profits as well. VarPro is designed and run by Jim Nelson, the programmer I've used for over 10 years.