Affiliate Marketing Resources

Use these tools to monetize your online business by earning commissions when your visitors buy the products you advertise and recommend.

Whether you have an affiliate program of your own or want to become a vendor, these resources can help you!

ClickBank: ClickBank is an online marketplace for digital information products. It serves as a connection between the product creator and affiliate marketers, as well as an online payment processor. They collect the money for sales, pay affiliates on time, and send the vendors the balance. ClickBank has created a business model for monetizing information to enable repeat sales over time.


Commission Junction: Commission Junction is the largest affiliate marketing network out there. Publishers are able to search and find advertisers by category, language, targeted area and more. Advertisers are able to find publishers by name, email, and URL. CJ helps advertisers bring in new buyers and sell more to current customers, and help publishers generate ad revenue. And it’s free to sign up as a publisher.

Commission Junction

Common Sense Academy: Knowing what you should do and being able to do it yourself are two different things. To get the job done you need a specific type of help. "Over the shoulder" videos that show you how. Checklists to make it easy and help you avoid wasting time. Our focus is simple. We zero in on those things that actually grow your business. Then we provide teaching that shows you how to APPLY what you learn the same day. All this and more is inside CSA.

Common Sense Academy

easyClickMate: easyClickMate is a Clickbank Affiliate Management Tool that has been around since 2002. With it, you're able to sell multiple products, from multiple websites, with just one ClickBank account. Because all of your sales are funneled through a single account, your position in the ClickBank MarketPlace will rank higher. Easily build your own team of affiliates and automatically send email notifications to them each time they make a sale.


EasyPLR: When it comes to great PL content no one I know provides better writing than Nicole Dean’s Easy PLR. We buy PL content from this site on a regular basis to provide to members like you, to populate niche content sites (feeder sites) and more. As with all PL content you will need to edit these messages to make them your own. But the beauty of using PL content for email follow up is that there is no duplicate penalty.

EasyPLR John Chow’s blog is all about affiliate marketing. John deals with real-world affiliate marketing techniques, that work…period. He’s a master at publishing a blog for profit, as well as an excellent affiliate marketer who understands the importance of promoting products that are both popular and deliver high-value. His blog's layout is also a great resource as to how to maximize advertising revenue.

JV Zoo: This is a link cloaking and tracking software for affiliates and marketers. It helps you track your ad campaigns and affiliate links in real time, allowing you to see what works and what doesn't. Learn how to cloak your links, so other affiliate marketers don’t steal your commissions, track advertising for your product or lead capture pages, track multiple sales conversions and sales amounts, and do split testing on your landing pages.

JV Zoo

LeadPages: LeadPages's claim to fame is ease of use. It’s 100 “newbie” friendly, requiring no technical skill to use their software. To create a lead page (or any other page) simply login to LeadPages and choose a template. Then add your content through an easy drag-and-drop interface and publish your page. You can publish your page using the provided URL, or install the LeadPages plugin to your blog and upload your page there. Super simple!

Lead Pages

Megaphone: This popular service combines the effectiveness of word-of-mouth referrals with the broadcasting power of Facebook. Megaphone helps you survey your clients’ experience, then prompts happy clients to post a referral to Facebook, giving you an instant expanded audience. It’s proactive, but automated at the same time, so getting referrals is almost effortless. Best of all, it guarantees a 4x return on your investment.


Mostly Sane PLR: This is Nicole Dean's company, where you can buy pre-written e-courses covering current marketing topics. She has created “copy and paste” courses that include everything from the squeeze page to the Thank You page, plus recommendations for relevant affiliate products to promote and much more! Each of Nicole’s products are sold in limited quantities, guaranteeing you high quality writing that hasn’t been oversold.

Mostly Sane PLR

Optimize Press: Use this service to create landing pages, sales pages, and membership portals inside WordPress.You can create just about any kind of page for your site. Create landing, sales and marketing pages, secure membership portals, use LaunchSuite to create product launch funnels, and grow your audience with the OP system. You can edit in real time and can choose from over 30 templates and 40 elements to customize your pages!

Optimize Press

PayDotCom: PayDotCom is an online marketplace that catalogs thousands of products and services, allowing affiliates and vendors to meet and work together. Both physical and digital products are cataloged, so there’s room for everyone. Whether you want to sell your own products, become an affiliate, or create a team of affiliates, PayDotCom can help make that happen. It’s one of the fastest growing affiliate marketplaces in the world.


RAP Bank: This is a one-stop shop for finding and promoting products offered by pre-qualified merchants. You can get your product listed in front of thousands of affiliates in mere minutes, as well as start earning commissions as an affiliate yourself instantly.Their feature rich marketplace contains exclusive reports, tools, and promotional tools to help your promotions along the way. They also offers a free WordPress plugin with you membership.

RAP Bank

Rapid Action Profits: Marketing an info product successfully can be a tricky business. Rapid Action Profits can help you launch your first information product or PLR and actually make money with it. This all-in-one system makes launching info products much faster and easier. They can help you get more sales conversions and opt-ins, while removing the guesswork in getting your product out there.

Rapid Action Profits

Share A Sale: Here you can sign up as an affiliate or a merchant, depending on what you are looking for. As a merchant, you’re able to track in real time. Know exactly when a banner is clicked, a sale is made and a commission is generated. You’ll also have access to Clickstream Attribution, allowing you to view the clicks that a customer made prior to purchasing your product. This is helpful when it comes to learning your customers’ behaviors and needs.

Share A Sale

Squeeze Page Today: Squeeze Page Today is available to members of Follow Up Selling Systems. Members are able to request up to 5 squeeze pages a month, to be created and hosted by us. Once the page is created, its purpose is to capture subscriber information via opt-in to help the member start building their own list!  After they have started receiving opt-ins they are able to start advertising via email to pave the way for an automated business.

Squeeze Page Today

Warrior Forum: This is the internet marketing forum. It’s the best place to learn about internet marketing, and all that it entails. Post questions, browse forums, give advice, and more. In the Special Offers Forum, post classified ads, review web hosting offers, and find information on ad networks, solo ad sellers and JV partners… and the list goes on. The members vary in experience and success, and the discussions are both frank and helpful.

Warrior Forum