Advertising Resources

Sometimes it's hard to get the word out about new products or services you are offering, especially if you don't have a large list to sell to. It can be equally hard to get new readers for your articles or blog posts.

The following advertising resources can help you find sites that accept guest postings, places you can advertise your products, ways to build marketing relationships and much more.

bannersnack: Drive more people to your store, with no technical experience required. Create your own banner ads from a template, and quickly download and embed your banner - to put anywhere online easily. You can also start ad campaigns directly, without having to upload banners to different places. Bannersnack’s APIs connect to all major advertising networks, so you can reach the best possible audience at the lowest possible cost.


Bing Advertising: While Google is still King of the Internet, Bing has certainly staked its claim online in the last few years. Bing has a straight-forward, four step process to begin advertising. Just set a budget, write your ad, choose your keywords, enter a payment method, and off you go. It's easy to manage your campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and ad extensions, as well as importing your campaigns from Google AdWords.

Bing Advertising

Directory of Ezines: The DOE is my oldest membership site. It's an internet marketing resource that includes hand-researched listings of reputable publications where you can purchase advertising. The main focus of ezine advertising is solo ads, but you'll also find publications listing other forms of advertising like banners, classifieds, and ad space available on specific websites, prewritten solo ads and a custom-written solo ad.

Directory of Ezines

Facebook: Facebook currently has around 757 million daily users, so when we talk about free publicity we can not overlook this social networking giant. The best way to promote your business here is by starting a Facebook Fan Page. It offers you a free platform to promote on, viral publicity, a HUGE, receptive audience, the ability to build your mailing list through opt-ins, improved search engine optimization, and much more!


Follow Up Selling Systems: I created FUSS around 2008 to teach people what I know about selling with email marketing. It's a comprehensive course that teaches how to choose a profitable niche, build a squeeze page, create a follow up system, get traffic and make sales. Relationship marketing is at the core of FUSS, the entire process is about earning the trust of your list, building a relationship, and earning loyal customers.

Follow Up Selling Systems

Google AdWords: AdWords can help you with pay-per-click ads, cost-per-thousand-impressions or cost-per-mile (CPM) advertising, and targeted website advertising for text, banner, and media ads.  When people conduct a Google search, the ads they see are customized to what they are looking for.  This is where you come in  - if your keywords match their search, you get seen. The best thing about AdWords is that you only pay for results.

Google Ad Words

Twitter: Twitter is considered a micro-blogging site and the key feature is the ability to broadcast messages of 140 characters or less. Twitter offers a large active audience to engage and a tremendous free opportunity for you to promote your website, product, or service. When you tweet useful, informative, interesting information and interact with your followers you gain a trusting audience and new customers.