Ad Tracking Resources

It has been said that if you are not tracking your advertising you are guessing about the results. That is true to a large extent.

As a business person you will want to repeat your winning ad campaigns and avoid repeating the losing ad campaigns.

The only way to know which of your messages succeed or fail is by using an ad tracker.

A good ad tracker, like the ones listed below, will help you know how many clicks your message received and let you know other important factors too.

CPV Lab: This is a tracking software with features for anyone who needs to track conversions or sales to the keyword level, to test landing pages, creatives, and offers, and more. It’s a web-based, self-hosted platform that you run on your own server, which allows you to keep your data private. You are able to run up to six different types of campaigns with CPV Lab, because they’ve removed the restrictions that most tracking platforms have.


Hypertracker: This is an automated, easy-to-use tracking management tool, that allows you to analyze marketing strategies and comb through ads in minutes. This saves you time so you can concentrate on your profitable campaigns, easily discarding the nonproductive ones. It can be implemented into any Internet Marketing campaign in less than two minutes, and you can customize new campaigns to meet your specific needs.


LinkTrackr: This is a link cloaking and tracking software for affiliates and marketers. It helps you track your ad campaigns and affiliate links in real time, allowing you to see what works and what doesn't. Learn how to cloak your links, so other affiliate marketers don’t steal your commissions, track advertising for your product or lead capture pages, track multiple sales conversions and sales amounts, and do split testing on your landing pages.