Earn $500 Per Sale WITHOUT YOUR OWN PRODUCT | Make Money Online (Perfect for Beginners)

Earn $500 Per Sale WITHOUT YOUR OWN PRODUCT | Make Money Online (Perfect for Beginners)

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Hey everybody Anthony Morrison here and on today's episode I want to talk about how it's possible to promote high ticket products that you didn't even create.

Many people think that the only people making a ton of money from these online courses, or the coaching and consulting you may be seeing on your newsfeed.

But the truth is, many of the high ticket programs you see are NOT sold by the creators themselves…

But from other marketers known as partners or affiliates, who collect a massive commission on the sales, even though they didn't create the program themselves.

I know this because over the past 15 years I've sold over $100M in courses and many of my sales were actually done through my partners or affiliates, and this is something YOU can become as well if you don't have your own course or program yet.

So today I want to walk through a few simple steps that are extremely important if this is something you want to try but please make sure you watch all the way to the end because if you get these out of order or you miss something critical it can derail everything.

So let's get to it.


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