Earn $1K PER DAY From Webinars WITHOUT A Product (4 Beginner-Friendly Methods!)

Earn $1K PER DAY From Webinars WITHOUT A Product (4 Beginner-Friendly Methods!)

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Hey everybody Anthony Morrison here and welcome to another video training that's designed to help you become a better digital marketer.

Whether you're trying to sell your own course, coaching, or agency, or you're an affiliate marketer who's looking to take their business to the next level –

I designed these videos to help you take your business to the next level through digital marketing.

And one of the ways that I believe just about any business can grow is through webinars. That's why today, I specifically want to talk to those of you who are promoting products, particularly high ticket products, as an AFFILIATE.

By the end of this video, I want to convince every single affiliate watching this that they need to run webinars if they're promoting a high ticket product.

Oh, and by the way, if you DO have your own product, I want to encourage you to add affiliate products to your business.

Even though I've created over a dozen courses and software, I still run webinars for affiliate products every single week because simply, my products can't serve everyone out there and there are certain things I'm just not an expert on.

But by finding these experts and promoting their products as an affiliate, I'm increasing my chance of success by serving a much wider audience.

Now, I have to say this, you might be thinking that I'm only talking about webinars because they're popular right now or because I've tried it once or twice and found some success.

Look, I've actually built a digital empire over the past 15 years and a large portion of that revenue comes directly from running webinars.

And this all started long before webinars were even popular.

So believe me when I tell you that just about any business in the world can benefit from running some kind of value packed webinar to help sell a high ticket program.

Now, because I've been doing this a while I also get quite a bit of push back from people who just aren't comfortable running a full-blown webinar themselves.

And look, I get it. Putting together a presentation where you're expected to let people know who you are, what you represent, and then convince them to buy from you all in the span of one hour or more can be pretty daunting.

If you're just getting started, it might feel impossible.

Well, today I wanted to walk through four ways that you can run a webinar to promote a high ticket affiliate offer no matter what your skill set is or how experienced you are.

And I'll bet that if you truly see the value in running a webinar for your business – one of these methods will work for you.

Ok let's get into it.


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